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Strike Up The Band

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  1. Strike up the band! Third grader Henry Boyer, of Howell, Michigan, was so blown away by the University of Michigan marching band that he wrote a letter to them saying how he'd love to sign up.
  2. Strike Up the Band. The merriest pair on the screen in a great new musical show! Runtime mins Comedy Music Romance Vote Rating: Release Date September Jimmy and Mary get a group of kids together to play in a school orchestra. A huge contest between schools is coming up and they have a hard time raising money to go to Chicago.
  3. Strike Up the Band is a Golden Age Hollywood movie about the singing and dancing young people. Framing the story as a Depression story of high schoolers playing music in national competitions makes it feel far fetched. Hell, add onto the notion that Paul Whiteman floats them money to make it to Chicago for the competition. If you want to learn more about Whiteman, pick up the recent Criterion.
  4. Sep 27,  · Jimmy Connors and his girl-friend want to take part in Paul Whiteman's high-school bands contest, but they cannot afford the fare. But per chance they meet Paul Whiteman in person and are able to convince him that their band is good enough, so he lends them the money/10(K).
  5. strike up the band 1. Lit. to cause a (dance) band to start playing. Strike up the band, maestro, so we all can dance the night away.
  6. The second, STRIKE UP THE BAND, was a sharp satire on American business, politics, and war, and although critics greatly admired it, and although George and Ira Gershwin were at the top of their partnership skills as songwriters, it was an absolute disaster/5(10).
  7. Strike Up the Band is one of the brightest results of that talented collaboration. Brimming with youthful high spirits, Mickey and Judy are effervescent as high school kids who are ready and eager to climb the long ladder of success. He's an energetic bandleader, she's his lovelorn singer. Together, they sing and dance their way to the top.
  8. Jun 19,  · Strike up the band: Districts weigh safety amid need for practice during pandemic. 1 / Back to Gallery School activities like band and athletics were allowed to start holding rehearsals and practices again on June 8, if they followed new COVID safety guidelines put together by UIL. The practices are voluntary and the school district.
  9. Strike Up the Band (Original, Musical, Comedy, Broadway) opened in New York City Jan 14, and played through Jun 28,

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