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Dismal Are Our Ways

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  1. Definition of Dismal. gloomy; not happy or cheerful. Examples of Dismal in a sentence. When I saw the doctor’s dismal face, I knew the news was not going to be good. 🔊 Because the critics called the play a dismal failure, few people purchased tickets for the stage production. 🔊 The team ended the school year with a dismal record of one.
  2. Hindi Translation of “dismal” | The official Collins English-Hindi Dictionary online. Over , Hindi translations of English words and phrases.
  3. Dismality definition is - the quality or state of being dismal: dismalness; also: a dismal occurrence or feeling.
  4. Sep 09,  · We made our way out of the Deep Creek Lock and out of the Great Dismal Swamp with just a few miles remaining before our arrival at Atlantic Yacht Basin located in Chesapeake, Virginia, and the start of some badly needed repairs. Prior to entering Albemarle Sound we had noticed a small trickle of water coming from our “drip-less shaft seal”.
  5. Apr 02,  · Our economic data, like our public-health data, are shrouded in uncertainty: In many cases, we simply don’t know whether our more dire statistics .
  6. Dismally definition, causing gloom or dejection; gloomy; dreary; cheerless; melancholy: dismal weather. See more.
  7. President Trump on Thursday touted his administration’s deregulation agenda and warned of a “dismal future” if Democrats led by presidential candidate Joe Biden defeat him. Trump cast himself as a crusader against red tape during remarks in a second-straight stump-like speech at the White House, praising his rollback of vehicle emissions.
  8. Guided Night Tours allow visitors to see these unique insects.. Colloquially known as Dismalites, they are the larvae stage of a unique, native, and endemic species of insect (North American Orfelia fultoni) that emits a bright blue-green light to attract food, in the form of other flying insects.. They require a select habitat to survive: Humidity to prevent them from drying out.

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